Parkside Neighborhood

We are the Parkside Neighborhood Association

The PNA is comprised of residents, businesses, and friends of the Parkside community in Portland, Maine. Parkside is the neighborhood bordered by Park Ave., Congress Street, Weymouth Street, and Forest Ave. The purpose of the PNA is to create a safe, vibrant, beautiful neighborhood for all to enjoy.

The Neighborhood Association meets at 7:15pm on the fourth Wednesday of every month at The Parkside Neighborhood Center, located at 85 Grant Street. Come join us!

Next PNA meeting: 

Wednesday, January 24th, 2017, 7:15pm

 Please sign up to the mailing list via the form on the top left. We’ll remind you about the next  meeting and send you minutes from the previous meeting.

Or if you just want to ask a question about Parkside or just write to us, use the form below.


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Oh my goodness! The snow melt has revealed a mess. May I request that everyone get outside today and pick up a bag of trash? It wont take long and we'll get the neighborhood spiffed up in a jiffy! This is a great exercise to do with your kids, especially on MLK weekend. Model and invite them to realize how a simple voluntary action on their part makes a difference to a larger group, and gives them agency and ownership of their surroundings 🙂 Which is what MLK jr was all about in some ways.
Thanks, neighbors!

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