Parkside Neighborhood

We are the Parkside Neighborhood Association

The PNA is comprised of residents, businesses, and friends of the Parkside community in Portland, Maine. Parkside is the neighborhood bordered by Park Ave., Congress Street, Weymouth Street, and Forest Ave. The purpose of the PNA is to create a safe, vibrant, beautiful neighborhood for all to enjoy.

The Neighborhood Association meets at 7:15pm on the fourth Wednesday of every month at The Parkside Neighborhood Center, located at 85 Grant Street. Come join us!

Next PNA meeting: 

Wednesday, August 24th, 7:15

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We seem to have a juvenile seagull hanging out in our driveway... He was stuck in our backyard last night (I opened the gate for him when I found him this morning) but now he won't leave our driveway... I suspect his nest was on our house or our neighbor's ... I feel so bad for him and wish I could do something. Anyone know what to do? ...

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wanted by portland PD ...

Looking for help identifying the woman pictured below. If you recognize her please contact Det. Napijalo (at 874-8906), as he would like to speak to her regarding her beer "acquisition" from the Big Apple. The incident took place at 16 Washington Avenue (Big Apple) on 07/20/16. The female suspect came into the store twice that day and stole an18-pack of beer both times. Case # 16-5766 and 16-5749. Thank you.

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