Parkside Neighborhood


Neighborhood Cleanup Day

Saturday April 22, 10-noon

(Meet up at 85 Grant St. Rain or shine.)

We are the Parkside Neighborhood Association

The PNA is comprised of residents, businesses, and friends of the Parkside community in Portland, Maine. Parkside is the neighborhood bordered by Park Ave., Congress Street, Weymouth Street, and Forest Ave. The purpose of the PNA is to create a safe, vibrant, beautiful neighborhood for all to enjoy.

The Neighborhood Association meets at 7:15pm on the fourth Wednesday of every month at The Parkside Neighborhood Center, located at 85 Grant Street. Come join us!

Next PNA meeting: 

Wednesday, April 26th, 2017, 7:15

Flower Power Day

Saturday May 20, 10-noon

(Meet up at 85 Grant St. Rain or shine.)

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Further to my post on Thursday: Much to our regret, we spent time at our house with two great representatives of the Portland PD yesterday. In recent weeks, a thief had carefully made off with all of the hardware on all of the doors, the original kitchen cabinets, and other pieces of history that were not part of the house. He or she cut out an original decorative archway molding. He or she also removed an irreplaceable (but notably not priceless) sconce and a bedroom ceiling light fixture. No one believes that it is an individual with a need for instant cash to meet an addiction.

For my part, I believe that it is someone with a serious lack of respect for history, for old houses, and for our neighborhood’s well-being. Reasonable human beings know that these things should stay a part of the house— something we believe and expect of our successors. A bunch of door knobs, hinges, keys, and other hardware is just that when removed from where they were installed and used for more than a century— in the house or on the furniture, they are a priceless piece of the patina and personality. And no, the area pawnshops and salvage shops have not seen these items (yet?).

We are compiling photographs and eliminating expected fingerprints. Please know that the house has NOT been on lock box since it went on the market for this precise reason. Our agent has been present for every viewing, inspection, or other activity. We just changed the locks again as one further obstacle as no signs of forced entry have been identified. One possible suspect is a white man, definitely over 55, and appears well-fed, decently dressed and housed. He has been seen on the property and has no authorization to be there.

We had hoped that we would be able to pass on the house with its history largely intact to equally loving owners whose professions were going to keep them in Portland, as ours sadly will not, which is why we are selling.

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*Environment Maine joins with The Sierra Club to host 2nd annual screening
of Dr. Suess’ ‘The Lorax’ *

Environment STATE is holding a family-friendly screening of Dr. Seuss’ The Lorax on May 24th from 5:30-7:30pm.

This event is all about kids taking action on climate change and
environmental protection. At the event, attendees will hear from campaign
organizers from Environment Maine and The Sierra Club about the threats
facing Maine’s Environment and how we can work to combat those threats. The
event will include a movie screening and a coloring activity for kids,
where they can write letters, draw pictures, and take photo petitions to
send to Susan Collins’ office, urging her to vote in ways that protect the

*WHERE*: MECA, Osher Hall, 522 Congress Street, Portland, Maine, 04101

*WHEN*: Wednesday, May 24th, 5:30 pm

*CONTACT: *Emma Rotner, Environment Maine, Cell: 603-397-7855

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